Theology in the Global South

I recently had a very good experience teaching in a pre-PhD research program for students at Semisud in Quito, Ecuador. What most excited me was their motivation and energy. Many were very well-read and thoughtful. The future looks bright for the church, just that we (northern hemisphere, transatlantic culture) may have to go where the action is rather than expect it to come to us.

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Holiness and Webster

For some time, I had been hearing Wesleyan scholars and students both praise and desire an alternative to John Webster’s important work Holiness. Thanks to the editors of the Wesleyan Theological Journal for allowing me to post my recent article on the subject. Thanks also to Prof. John Webster, who not only is a great scholar but who also was a gracious and engaging host when I visited and lectured at Aberdeen last April.

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Holiness as a Liberal Art out

Particularly in classroom settings, my colleagues and I at SPU have sometimes found it difficult to claim holiness as a vital feature of the institutional mission of our university. The difficulty partly rests on the stereotypes surrounding holiness as well as the teleological ambiguity related to Christian higher education more generally. For this reason, we have put together Holiness as a Liberal Art as a text to aid us and others in claiming the vital role that Christian colleges and universities have in making disciples for God’s kingdom. We hope the text can especially help those institutions that historically have something at stake in claiming a holiness identity.

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RPE-Epicletic Community out

Revisioning Pentecostal Ethics – The Epicletic Community has finally come out; my thanks to Lee Roy Martin and Chris Thomas for their support and amazingly expeditious help. CPT Press is truly a gift to the Pentecostal-charismatic scholarly world.  This particular work understands itself as extending the arguments first proposed by Steven Land’s Pentecostal Spirituality and developing them in the area of moral-theological inquiry. Unfortunately, as influential as Land’s book has been on many of us, few have actually taken his charge to develop the agenda further.  I hope to have done so in some way with Epicletic.

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Watson’s review of T T

My colleague Kevin Watson was kind enough to write a review of Theological Theodicy; see it here.

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Revisioning Pentecostal Ethics — The Epicletic Community should be coming out soon through CPT Press . . .

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